Samstag, April 08, 2006

english version of today

Now we have again ca. 55 minutes and then will start a big karaokeshow!!! We will use the time inbetween, to give you the latest information:
The day started....... very early. Already at 8:30 everybody had to be there for breakfast - and nearly everybody arrived in time :).

Then the first thematical part of the programme followed. We talked about "April 8th 1945 in Celle". On this day, four days before the allied troups reached the town, it was bombed for the first and only time. By accident, a train with concentrationcamp-prisoners that was standing on a rail siding, was hit. Half of the 4,000 prisoners died, the others fled but were caught during the following days by the SS, SA, HJ and some civilists. Again many prisoners died.

In the afternoon we went to Celle by bus and enjoyed a special guided tour: we got to know places that were important during the NS-time, for example several courts, former jewish magazines, the synagoge and a memorial of April 8th 1945.

After that we went to the railroad ramp, the place were the prisoners of Bergen-Belsen arrived. We had a look over there and finally went back to Oldau.

Now again 38 minutes and the karaokeshow will start.

(Cornelia, Lisa)