Dienstag, April 07, 2009

Eyewitness Group

Eye witness

Mr Hugo Hollenreiner

this is about the eyewitness we talked with yesterday, and he was with the eye witness group and we wrote the stories that he did not share with the large group.

the witness escaped two times to get food for his mother hewas likey enough that he was not caught, his brother could not get any kids so he thought it was the same case with him to,but it was not he made a girl pregnant so his father asked him to marry the girl he did not want to but he had to do it. So he got married and they had a second child and it was a boy after thirty five years he was devorced and now he has a girlfriend.

His parents died, his two brothers are still alive but they do not talk about what happend, he doesn't even talk to his children about what happend.

The eye witness group was so participating and they were very much amazed that the are people who could be so heartless and the big quetion was, what made them to be like animals and not feel for another human being?

by Vuvu
photo by Photo AG IWC 09