Donnerstag, April 09, 2009

The trip to hamburg

We woke up on wednesday morning and there was a change in atmosphere because everyone was excited to be going to Hamburg.We ate our breakfast merrily and when the bus came everyone jumped with great excitement to gracefully take their sits as we head to Celle to catch the train.We got to the train station on time (thank God)and we were off to the big city. We were in the train for approximately two hours and everyone was sitting with thier mate discussing the dealings of the day,what to buy? how much money to spend? and which shopping malls to visit.When the train assistant finally announced that we are in Hamburg,everyone got to thier feet not wanting to be left behind and miss out on experience.We divided into groups(English and German) and we were off to view,discover and tour the beautiful city.The groups went their seperate ways with the english group taking the tour to the habour first and the german group going to the St Michael first.The weather was on our side so we could view the habour from the outside.The view was breath taking we all stood in awe of the achitecture and the enigeering that was going on the back ground.To everyone's suprise the ferry came to a stop for everyone to go out we all reluctantly went out of the ferry to view the famous St Michael cathedral.Marching in a group we passed coffee shops filled with poeple enjoying the warm spring afternoon sipping coffee and having their german cusine.We took a group photo in between our walk and finally got to the church.After getting our tickets we were ready to climb up the dreaded stairs of the church to get to the peek of the building.I must say that the walk to the top of the church was a site to marvel at the participants were panting all the way to the top with others protesting and vowing to give up.We all luckly got to the top in one piece.After the trip to the church everyone was itching to put on their shopping shoes so we headed to the city center.

Everyone shopped till they dropped till we had to meet in the train station for our journey back home.After an intensive count we all went to board a train back to Oldau.

By Lwazikazi


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