Donnerstag, April 09, 2009

Vuvu schreibt über unsere Gruppe - Vuvu is writting about our documentation group

The Documentation Group
This is a group that documents every thing that happend in the camp.
These are the names of the group members

 Vivien Rybowizk Germany Hannover
 Greta Theilen Germany Burgwedel
 Lwazikazi Madikiza South Africa Umtata
 Vuyokazi Duna South Africa King Williams Town
 Kristina Nikitenkowa Belarus
 Ivan Zhilevieh Belarus
 Alexander Zeuko Belarus

We first vidoeraised the outside group and they were enjoying their work,it was fun they were clearing up some space in the forest so that it could look better and people could have some space to work on .we went on to listen to the eyewitness group and they seemed to question the cruelty of the Germans that they could not feel anything for other human beings,we carried on to the music group and they were studying music during the nazis period and i think that was important to learn on how did people communicate through music.

If you want to see our work go to the blog.