Samstag, April 11, 2009

Youth against racism (The Demonstration)

One of my favourite parts of the camp is when we go to make demonstration against the Ludendorffer in a small village a few kilometers away from Oldau.The demonstration is organisied mainly by Charly and the contemporary group they prepare the banners and the poster for the protest.We went to tour the military area first before the demonstration,the training area is said to be the biggest and the most modern in Europe.After learning about the military area we all got our voices ready for the demonstration.We learnt a few songs along the way to make sure that we draw the attention of the residences of the village and the Ludendorffers.Because it was Good Friday we were not allowed to make a lot of noise ,the drum that we had brought was confiscated and we were told that we have to walk on the pavement instead of the streets.Dissppointed but still motivated we carried our bright banners on the pavement silently as we marched to the hotel where the Ludendorffer were having their meeting.We got to the hotel and there was another group of young people protesting this is impressive because this means that the youth in Germany are aware of what is still happening in their country .After singing for a couple minutes we were told to be silent until the police give us a go ahead.During the break, the residence of Dofmark provided refreshments for us to make sure that our energy levels are up which i think was quite nice.The police finally gave us the go ahead we sang louder than before 'Youth against racism','if you hate the nazis clap your hands',these are some the songs that we were singing. A few minutes later we had to go back because our time was up we left the hotel pavement shouting and singing waving our banners up high.Everyone in the streets was looking with amazement at what we were doing pedestrians jumping out of the way as we approached and people in the coffee shop stopping their conversation as we shouted and demonstrated.We got to the bus and we were satisfied with the job that we had done.

By Lwazikazi


Anonymous anti-fascist said...

thanks for your support.

fight the fascist scum, every time, everywhere!

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