Sonntag, Juli 31, 2011

The way of Remembrance

The way of Remembrance
For two days we worked on the way of remembrance. On the first day we all walked the entire road to the main entrance of the former concentration camp Bergen-Belsen starting at the ramp. It took us 6525 steps.
After the walk we were divided into two groups. The first group was going to repaint the line of remembrance along the way and put down some quotes, the second group was going to work on the showcase at the ramp.
We were in the second one.
First we had time to have a look around the exhibition and the library searching for some quotes and information we want to work on.
Then we went to the showcase with black paint to do some "sexy" painting inside the showcase and collect the work from last year’s group.
After a quick stop at the EDEKA we finally arrived back at the Anne-Frank-House to do some creative work.
So we made two wagons out of paper with a person sitting in one of them trying to hold his suitcases which are falling out of the wagon. We named the suitcases related on a quote from Anatal Chain: "When you come to Bergen-Belsen first you lose hope. Then you lose your golden teeth and then you lose your life".
The second day we finished the creative work on the train and put some ideas done for a poem which we wanted to put in the showcase as well.
The poem was written by Carmen Wijnen, the title is "6525 Footsteps – way of remembrance –":

"The train arrived at the final station, 
a line of cattle wagons on rails
People and suitcases where thrown out
and with that, their hope

The lost families, elderly and children
walked the 6km road
Took the last breath of fresh air
while balancing between life and death

Thousands of feet walked the road
Every day !
Sixthousand Fivehunderdtwentyfive steps of misery
before the end began…"
We went back to the ramp to put it all up the showcase and so all the "hard" work was done.